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Airport Information center – phone: (+995 422) 23 51 00


Batumi Airport Servises


Batumi Georgia

Information Desk

Information Desk in Batumi Airport is located in the center of the terminal and works 24 hours a day. Information Desk offers all information regarding regular and charter flights and provides flight announcement service. Information on the layout and facilities of the terminal is also available for those who require. Information is given both face-to-face and over the phone.

Phone:   (+995 422) 35100
Fax:       (+995 422) 35102

Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage Office in Batumi Airport is located in the Arrival Hall.
It provides service for those passengers who arrived with damaged/ partly missing /or lost luggage.

Phone: (+995 422) 35102

Banks and Currency Exchange Offices

Company Name Field of Service Location Telephone
Bank Republic Branch office & Currency Exchange Office Departures Hall (+995422) 3 51 15
Bank of Georgia Branch office & Currency Exchange Office Departures Hall (+995422) 3 51 51


Gift Shops and Other Commercial Locations

In the SOUVENIR SHOP located in the departure hall, passengers can buy different kinds of traditional Georgian souvenirs,  handicrafts and gifts.

Phone: (+995 222) 3 51 21


Profile Company Name Location Telephone
Souvenir Shop Souvenirs Departure Hall +995 222 3 51 21
Rent a Car Travel House Departure Hall +995 222 3 51 09
Air Tickets Agency Service Avia Departure Hall +995 222 3 51 05
Air Tickets Agency Travel House Departure Hall +995 222 3 51 09


Luggage Wrapping

Luggage wrapping machine is located in the departure hall of Batumi terminal and service is provided by the company “Saturn”. Service is offered 24 hours /7 days a week.

Phone: (995 222) 25 15 70

Trolley Service and SPECIAL ROOMS

Trolleys can be used free of charge in the baggage claim area of Arrival Hall.

Departure Hall – 1 ladies & 1 men’s toilet; 1 toilet for handicapped persons.

Departure Hall (after passport control) – 1 ladies & 1 men’s toilet; 1 toilet for handicapped persons.

Arrival Hall – 1 ladies & 1 men’s toilet;

Khopa Departure Hall - 1 ladies & 1 men’s toilet;


Batumi Airport Primeclass CIP Service

“primeclass” CIP Service is offered at the Istanbul Ataturk, Ankara Esenboga, Georgia Tbilisi & Batumi, Tunisia Enfidha- Hammamet, Macedonia Skopje and Ohrid airports operated by TAV Airports Holding through an unparalleled CIP approach which enables customized solutions. Our aim is to clear away all the anxiety and stress before and after flights and save time by offering professional privileges at each step, making customers feel special and cared for during every stage of their travels. An extended scope of services is offered by “primeclass” CIP Service as Prime Pack for passengers who prefer extra comfort and space.


CIP service begins as CIP guests are greeted at the departure entrance of the terminal by a CIP agent and a porter to take their baggage. The CIP agent assists with check-in and passport procedures. CIP guests can shop at Duty-Free, with the assistance of a agent and porter. Until flight time, CIP guests can spend their time at the CIP Lounge.


Greeting by CIP agent and porter by the aircraft.

Transfer from aircraft to the terminal via CIP special apron transportation.

Passport, custom and visa procedures are completed by assistance of “primeclass” CIP agent.



Batumi Airport CIP Service Fees


40 €


40 €


80 €


30 €

Children between the ages of 0-6, accompanied by an adult, are free of charge. Corporate agreements are made with companies for special prices. Prices are in EURO/ per person and 18% VAT is involved.



Phone:(+995) 422 235 111



TAV Georgia Operation Services L.L.C.


Batumi Airport Duty Free

Duty Free in Batumi Airport provides an exceptional diversity of products bearing world-famous brands. The Duty Free area in the Batumi International Airport is presented by the TAV Airports affiliated company ATÜ. Shop is located after passport control and operates 24 hours. Passengers may purchase various

brands of perfumes, cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and sweets.






Important Information for Passengers!


According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are not allowed to carry:

In your luggage:

- Explosives (Gunpowder, firework, signal flash, etc.);
- Flammables (Solvent, paint, thinner, lighter, etc.);
- Solid or liquid chemicals.

In your hand luggage:

- All items listed above;
- Sharp, Cutting, Sharp-pointed and Blunt-pointed articles (Sword, Axe, Knife, Corkscrew, Scissors, Nail File, Nail, etc.);
- Fire Guns (Pistol, rifle, etc.).

According to the Civil Aviation Security Regulations, you are allowed to:

• Have in your checked-in baggage  alcohol drinks, not more then 70% of alcohol contents, factory-made not more then 5L. per passenger;
• Carry in your hand luggage medication and diet items, including infant’s food to be used during flight with you; you may be asked to demonstrate approve of necessity of such items during your flight;
• Have in your hand luggage only a constricted quantity of liquid substances– not more then 100 ml. each and it should be placed into transparent plastic frequentative (with sticker zips) bags no more then 1 L. per passenger;
• Purchase liquids (drinks, perfumes) in the Airport airside shops (Duty Free) or on board of the Aircraft. In case they are sold in special packing, do not open them before they are checked for flight safety reason in the Security Control Points – otherwise they will be confiscated. In case you are flying via any European Union State Airports do not open the package before you reach the final destination point.
• All these substances and items can be taken in addition to the quantity (maximum 1 L.) that you already carry in your hand baggage.

In order to identify liquid substances while performing the control you should:
- Show all the liquids you have with you to be checked at the Aviation Security Control Points;
- Take off the jacket and/or coat – they are checked separately parallel to your check;
- Remove PC notebook and other large size electrical devices – they are also checked separately parallel to your personal check.

In case you have any questions in connection with the above mentioned rules, please address to your Air Company for consultation. 




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